Love for your parents.

asddjfkadsfjlk;asdfjklaghalj3J2I37509[ J'ANKJ;AHG23000-UPAJM fuiy 1j923 uia akdf; nalk sdhklj;lksdj;kgha Well you might be wondering if I was out of my mind. Of course I am ever since I heard that my parents would no longer be able to talk to me in any manner. Wouldn't you? ........................ The ritual started as soon as my fathers close [...]


Mind it asshole!!!

Just because some people doesn't get along with people of certain age group doesn't mean that they are retarded or crazy or jerks. Its because they are far more superfluous than you. Just because you term a person crazy doesnt make them crazy. These kind of mother fuckers  are the one who pass comments upon [...]

Easiest way to be an intern@@@

Maybe this may not be the easiest way but I can't even say that it's the hardest way either So if you are looking for some experience to loose your corporate virginity then please follow these onerous tips which mostly involves your hard work as the touchstone point to be hired as an intern. So [...]

Internship? Google?? How???

It may sound ambitious if you ask people this question "How to get an internship at Google?". It doesn't matter what people think because all that matters the most is what you think about it. So here's the three steps to get an internship at Google. Really??? Apply for an internship through their company's website. [...]