Love is Patient, it’s kind (episode 8)

There's this cursed house which i am standing in front of.Lot's of stories, rumors and buzzer's which i had heard from many people around.Many warned me not to go near the house vicinity.Usually people who dared to take a look around inside the house or the people who were curious enough to solve this mystery [...]


Love is Patient, its kind. (episode 6)

So that happened haa! What a kind of guy are you? Whatever might be your perspectives or your thoughts,but never hurt a girl. Looking myself in the mirror.The inside me started to talk to me.Sometimes i behave as a different person. The inside me came out and sat on the beanbag which i bought last [...]

Love is Patient, its kind (episode 5)

Well before i go anymore further. There's something you guys need to know. It's about when all this started. May 30,2015 Its the time where teenagers are to make tough decisions. Confusing people - Shattered Dreams - and acquiescently accepting the abstract decisions taken by elderly people. Well it's a phase of life where you [...]

Love is Patient, its kind. (episode 4)

Having arrived at theĀ  place i had some nostalgia feelings looking at it. This place is something. The place is empty like it used to be always. This place is surrounding by forest and no one likes to come to freaky places like these. I quickly got out of the car and started to stroll. [...]

Love is Patient, its kind (episode 3)

Clicking on the next button on the applicationĀ  my phone is wired automatically to it and the mobile application my wife, who has been developing secretly for the last few months is installed in my phone. And there were some beep sounds hovering around the computer all of a sudden and the computer started to [...]

Love is Patient ,its kind. (episode 2)

April 2,2027 Its been about 5 months for now shyla leaving me in the state of utter darkness. Couldn't concentrate on anything but always have her last few words of her rolling in and out of my mind each and everytime i inhale. Always she was my best girl that i ever imagined to have [...]