Learn any language in three weeks

Whats up guys kalyan kumar is here.

Now i am gonna say you fuckers how to learn any language in three weeks.

I am not talking about sex or any fuckin thing like those. ok lets get started bitches.

First off all the basic thing to learn to get heads up in programming is the fundamental C language.

Well i can say that C language is the mother of all languages.I am not talking about fuckin family shit.I mean its the basic to master any advanced concepts in any other programming language.

Once you got your shitty hands in the fucks and licks and dicks on the insider of this language like a fucking infiltrator<” i mean like a hot bitch who wanna get you laid for money”>. You can understand the basics of any language in just two days.

” Yes fuckers i really mean two days, since you mastered C”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But hers the shitty thing you need to do, you need to get your ASS laid infront of the computer to understand the deeper sense of the language.

It may be hard for you but if you wanna sounding girl who blows you off and some kind of hot stuff in your life its the time guys goahead .

Be like the bitch of your place, to have a hot life.

I know a guy who used to sit 3-5 hours a day learning programming languages. Now this guy travels around the world and getting laid with many hot girls that you guys ever dreamt of. Yes these girls are really HOT.

“Talk is cheap show me the code bitch”

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