Easiest way to be an intern@@@

Maybe this may not be the easiest way but I can't even say that it's the hardest way either So if you are looking for some experience to loose your corporate virginity then please follow these onerous tips which mostly involves your hard work as the touchstone point to be hired as an intern. So [...]


c++ inheritance rules

First rule you cannot access the members of the derived class using base class pointers. Second you can access the members of derived class using base class pointers through casting. Example: base *bp; derived d; bp=&d; ((derived *)bp)->anymethodinderived();   #include<iostream> using namespace std; class base { int i; public: base(){} void set_i(int num) { this->i [...]

classes within classes

#include<iostream> using namespace std; class hi { private: int i; public: void setdata() { i=50; } void show() { cout<<endl<<i; } }; class car { private: int j; public: void setdata() { j=30; } void show() { cout<<endl<<j; } hi c; }; int main() { car h; h.setdata(); h.show(); h.c.setdata(); h.c.show(); return 0; }